ASEK  Aviation Support Element Kaneohe

COMUSMARCENT  Commander, United States Marine Forces, Central Command

CPP  Camp Pendleton (USMC)

JNLWD  Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate

MAGTFTC  Marine Air Ground Task Force Training Command

MARCENT  Marine Forces Central Command

MARFORLANT  United States Marine Corps Forces, Atlantic

MARFORRES  Marine Forces Reserve

MARSOC  United States Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command

MBW  Marine Barracks, Washington, DC

MCAA  Marine Corps Aviation Association

MCAGCC  Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center

MCASNR  Marine Corps Air Station New River

MCATA  Marine Corps Air Transport Association

MCBH  Marine Corps Base Hawaii

MCCA  Marine Corps Cryptologic Association

MCCCA  Marine Corps Combat Correspondents Association

MCCDC  Marine Corps Combat Development Command

MCCS  Marine Corps Community Services

MCCSSS  Marine Corps Combat Service Support Schools

MCFSA  Marine Corps Food Service Association

MCIA  Marine Corps Intelligence Association

MCRC  Marine Corps Recruiting Command

MCRSC  Marine Corps Reserve Support Command

MCSFBN  Marine Corps Security Force Battalion

MFP  Marine Forces Pacific

MFR  Marine Forces Reserve

MSOAG  Marine Special Operations Advisor Group

MSOS  Marine Special Operations School

MSOSG  Marine Special Operations Support Group

MSTP  Marine Air Ground Task Force Staff Training Program Center

NRTC  Nonresident Training Course (to Active Duty, Reserve, and Retired members of the USMC)

SAPPRO  Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Office (USMC)

TECOM  United States Marine Corps Training and Education Command

USMARCENT  United States Marine Forces Central Command

USMC  United States Marine Corps

USMCCCA  United States Marine Corps Combat Correspondents Association

USMCFSA  United States Marine Corps Food Service Association

USMCFSOC  United States Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC)

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