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Index of Factsheets

1. Attack and air support aircraft (SEARCH / QUICK FIND)

A-6 - All-weather, carrier-based attack aircraft ('Intruder')
A-10 - Close air support aircraft ('Thunderbolt II') [pictures]
AC-130 - Close air support, air interdiction and force protection aircraft ('Spectre')
AV-8B - Attack aircraft ('Harrier II') [pictures]


B-1B - Long-range, multi-role, heavy bomber ('Lancer') [pictures]
B-2 - Multi-role heavy bomber ('Spirit') [pictures]
B-52 - Heavy bomber ('Stratofortress') [pictures]

3. Cargo and transport aircraft (SEARCH / QUICK FIND)

C-2A - Carrier-On-board Delivery (COD) aircraft ('Greyhound')
C-5 - Outsize cargo transport aircarft ('Galaxy')
Boeing DC-9 (see: C-9A; C-9C)
C-9A (USAF) - Aeromedical evacuation aircraft ('Nightingale')
C-9A/C (USN) - Aeromedical evacuation aircraft ('Skytrain')
C-9C (USAF) - Distinguished visitor support aircraft ('Nightingale')
VC-11 - Shuttle Training Aircraft (STA) ('Gulfstream II')
C-12 - Passenger and cargo airlift aircraft ('Huron')
C-17 - Cargo and troop transport aircraft ('Globemaster III') [pictures]
C-20 (USN) - Logistic aircraft ('Gulfstream')
Gulfstream III (see: C-20A; C-20B)
C-20A (USAF) - Operational support airlift aircraft ('Gulfstream')
Gulfstream IV (see: C-20H)
C-20B/H (USAF) - Special air missions aircraft ('Gulfstream')
C-21 - Passenger and cargo airlift aircraft ('Lear Jet') [pictures]
Lear Jet 35A (see: C-21)
Boeing 727-100 (see: C-22B)
C-22B - Passenger transportation aircraft
C-23 - Multi-role utility airplane ('Sherpa')
Boeing 747-200B (see: VC-25A)
VC-25A - Presidential air transport aircraft ('Air Force One')
C-26 - Passenger, MEDEVAC, or cargo aircraft ('Metroliner')
C-27J - Transport aircraft ('Spartan') [pictures]
C-31 - Transport aircraft ('Troopship')
Boeing 757-200 (see: C-32A)
C-32A - High-priority personnel transport aircraft
UC-35 - Passenger aircraft ('Citation')
C-37A - Special air missions aircraft ('Gulfstream')
Boeing 737-700 (BBJ - Boeing Business Jet) (see: C-40A; C-40B/C)
C-40A - Fleet logistics support aircraft ('Clipper')
C-40B - Special mission aircraft
C-40C - Operational support and team travel aircraft
C-130 (USAF) - Tactical and intratheater airlift aircraft ('Hercules') [pictures]
C-130 (USN) - Global airlift aircraft ('Hercules')
EC-130E/J - Psychological and information operations aircraft ('Commando Solo')
EC-130H - Electronic warfare aircraft ('Compass Call') [pictures]
HC-130J (USCG) - Long Range Search (LRS) Aircraft [pictures]
MC-130E/H - Infiltration, exfiltration and resupply aircraft ('Combat Talon I/II') [pictures]
MC-130P - Air refueling aircraft for special operation forces helicopters ('Combat Shadow') [pictures]
WC-130 - Weather reconnaissance aircraft ('Hercules')
C-135 (see: OC-135B , RC-135 )
C-13C - Executive Airlift/Avionics Testbed ('Speckled Trout')
WC-135 - Atmospheric collection aircraft ('Constant Phoenix')
C-141B - Cargo and troop transport aircraft ('Starlifter')
EADS CASA CN235-300M Medium Range Surveillance (MRS) (see: HC-235A)
HC-235A - Medium Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA)
LRS - Long Range Search (LRS) Aircraft ('HC-130J USCG')
MPA - Medium Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft ('HC-235A')
NU-1B - Light cargo transport aircraft ('Otter')
U-6A - All-purpose utility aircraft ('Beaver')

4. Airborne control aircraft (SEARCH / QUICK FIND)

ABNCP - Airborne command post ('E-6B - Looking Glass')
ARIA - Advanced Range Instrumentation Aircraft ('EC-18B')
AWACS - Airborne Warning and Control System ('E-3 Sentry') [pictures]
E-2C - Airborne early warning, command and control aircraft ('Hawkeye')
Boeing 707-320 (see: E-3)
E-3 - Airborne surveillance, command, control and communications aircraft ('Sentry') - AWACS [pictures]
Boeing 747-200 (see: E-4B)
E-4B - Airborne operations center aircraft
Boeing 707-320B (see: E-6)
E-6 - Airborne command post aircraft ('TACAMO')
E-6A/B - Airborne command post aircraft ('Mercury')
Boeing 707 (see: E-6B)
E-6B - Airborne command post aircraft ('Looking Glass')
Boeing 707-300 (see: E-8C)
E-8C - Joint Surveillance, Target Attack Radar System ('JSTARS') aircraft
EA-6B - Electronic warfare aircraft ('Prowler')
EA-18G - Airborne electronic attack aircraft ('Growler')
EC-18B - Advanced Range Instrumentation Aircraft ('ARIA')
EP-3E - Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) reconnaissance aircraft ('Aries II')
JSTARS - Joint Surveillance, Target Attack Radar System aircraft ('E-8C')
NKC-135E - Electronic warfare study aircraft ('Big Crow')
NEACP - National Emergency Airborne Command Post (see: NAOC)
NAOC - National Airborne Operations Center ('E-4B')
OA-10 - Airborne forward air control aircraft ('Thunderbolt II') [pictures]
OC-135B - Observation aircraft (supports the 'Open Skies' Treaty)
RC-135 - Reconnaissance aircraft ('Rivet Joint')
TACAMO - Airborne command post aircraft ('E-6')
U-2S - High-altitude reconnaissance aircraft
TU-2S - High-altitude reconnaissance aircraft

5. Fighter aircraft (SEARCH / QUICK FIND)

F-18 (see: F/A-18 )
F/A-18 - Multi-role attack and fighter aircraft ('Hornet') [pictures]
F/A-18F - Multi-role attack and fighter aircraft ('Super Hornet') [pictures]
F/A-22 (see: F-22A)
F-4 - All weather fighter bomber ('Phantom II') [pictures]
F-5 - Fighter/attack aircraft ('Freedom Fighter', 'Tiger')
F-5N - Tactical fighter and attack aircraft ('Adversary')
F-14 - Carrier-based multi-role strike fighter ('Tomcat')
F-15 - Tactical fighter aircraft ('Eagle') [pictures]
F-15E - Air-to-ground attack aircraft ('Strike Eagle') [pictures]
F-16 - Multirole fighter aircraft ('Fighting Falcon') [pictures]
F-22A - Air dominance, multi-role fighter ('Raptor') [pictures]
F-35 - Joint Strike Fighter ('JSF')
F-117A - Fighter/attack aircraft ('Nighthawk') [pictures]
JSF - Joint Strike Fighter ('F-35')

6. Air refueling aircraft (SEARCH / QUICK FIND)

HC-130P/N - Air refueling aircraft for combat search and rescue helicopters [pictures]
Boeing DC-10-30 (see: KC-10A)
KC-10A - Aerial tanker and transport aircraft ('Extender') [pictures]
KC-130 - In-flight refueling and tactical transport aircraft ('Hercules') [pictures]
Boeing 707-367/80 (see: KC-135)
KC-135 - Aerial refueling and airlift aircraft ('Stratotanker') [pictures]
NKC-135E - Aerial refueling aircraft ('Tanker') [pictures]
KC-767 - Common Widebody Tanker & Transport

7. Anti-submarine warfare aircraft (SEARCH / QUICK FIND)

P-3C - Long range anti-submarine warfare aircraft ('Orion') [pictures]
Boeing 737-800ERX (see: P-8A)
P-8A - Multi-mission Maritime Aircraft (MMA)
S-3B - Detection and attack of submarines aircraft ('Viking')

8. Training aircraft (SEARCH / QUICK FIND)

Beech 400A (see: T-1A)
T-1A - Advanced trainer for airlift and tanker pilots ('Jayhawk')
T-2C - All-purpose jet trainer ('Buckeye')
Beech/Pilatus PC-9 Mk II (see: T-6A)
T-6A (USAF) - Primary trainer in joint specialized undergraduate pilot training ('Texan')
T-6A (USN) - All-purpose jet trainer ('Texan II')
T-34C - Training aircraft ('Turbo Mentor')
T-37 - Primary trainer in joint specialized undergraduate pilot training ('Tweet')
T-38 (USAF) - Advanced jet pilot trainer ('Talon') [pictures]
T-38 (USN) - Supersonic jet trainer used ('Talon') [pictures]
T-39 (USAF) - Training aircraft ('Sabreliner')
T-39D - Radar-navigational trainer
T-39N/G - Multipurpose low-wing, twin-jet trainer ('Sabreliner')
Boeing 737 (see: T-43A)
T-43A - Navigator training aircraft ('Gator')
T-45A - Training aircraft ('Goshawk')
TH-6B - Training helicopter
TH-57 - Training helicopter ('Sea Ranger')
X-26A - High performance glider

9. Attack helicopters (SEARCH / QUICK FIND)

AH-1 - Attack helicopter ('Cobra') [pictures]
AH-1W - Attack helicopter ('Super Cobra') [pictures]
AH-6 - Attack helicopter ('Little Bird')
AH-64 - Attack helicopter ('Apache') [pictures]

10. Multi-purpose helicopters (SEARCH / QUICK FIND)

UH-1N (USAF) - Light-lift utility helicopter ('Huey') [pictures]
UH-1N (USN) - Utility helicopter ('Iroquois') [pictures]
HUEY - Light-lift utility helicopter (UH-1N) [pictures]
H-3 - Multi-purpose helicopter ('Sea King')
SH-3H - Carrier-based anti-submarine warfare helicopter ('Sea King')
UH-3H - Utility and torpedo recovery helicopter; Logistics/Search & Rescue helicopter ('Sea King')
VH-3D - Executive transport helicopter ('Sea King')
OH-6A - Tactical helicopter ('Cayuse')
CH-46E - Medium lift assault helicopter ('Sea Knight') [pictures]
UH-46D - Medium lift assault helicopter ('Sea Knight')
CH-47 - Transportation helicopter ('Chinook') [pictures]
CH-47D/F - Transportation helicopter ('Chinook') [pictures]
MH-47D - Transportation helicopter ('Chinook')
CH-53D - Medium lift helicopter ('Sea Stallion') [pictures]
CH-53E - Medium lift helicopter ('Super Stallion') [pictures]
MH-53E (USN) - Airborne Mine Countermeasures (AMCM) helicopter ('Sea Dragon')
MH-53J (USAF) - Long-range infiltration, exfiltration and resupply helicopter ('Pave Low')
RH-53D - Medium lift helicopter ('Sea Stallion')
OH-58 - Armed reconnaissance helicopter ('Kiowa Warrior')
H-60 - Light transport helicopter ('Blackhawk')
HH-60G (USAF) - Combat search and rescue helicopter ('Pave Hawk')
HH-60H - Combat search and rescue/naval special warfare support helicopter ('Seahawk')
HH-60J (USCG) - Combat search and rescue helicopter ('Jayhawk') [pictures]
SH-60 - Medium lift, utility or assault helicopter ('Seahawk')
UH-60 - Light transport helicopter ('Blackhawk') [pictures]
VH-60N - Executive transport helicopter ('Night Hawk')
HH-65A - Light helicopter ('Dolphin')
UH-72A - Lakota Light Utility Helicopter ('LUH') US101 - Medium lift helicopter (Presidential 'Marine One' transport)

11. Vertical Take-off and landing aircraft (SEARCH / QUICK FIND)

V-22A - Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft ('Osprey') [pictures]
MV-22 - Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft ('Osprey') [pictures]
VTOL - Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft ('Osprey') - 'V-22A', 'MV-22' [pictures]

12. Aerial vehicles (SEARCH / QUICK FIND)

GLOBAL HAWK - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle [pictures]
J-UCAS - Joint Unmanned Combat Air Systems [pictures]
MQ-1 - Medium-altitude, long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicle ('Predator') [pictures]
MQ-8B - Fire Scout Vertical Take-Off and Landing Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (VTUAV)
MQ-9 - Medium-to-high altitude, long endurance remotely piloted aircraft system ('Reaper') [pictures]
RQ-1 - Medium-altitude, long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicle ('Predator') [pictures]
RQ-2A - Unmanned aerial vehicle for Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Targeting Acquisition (RSTA) ('Pioneer')
RQ-8A - Fire Scout Vertical Take-Off and Landing Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (VTUAV)
UCAV - Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle ('Boeing X-45A')
VTUAV - Fire Scout Vertical Take-Off and Landing Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle ('MQ-8A', 'RQ-8A')
X-45A - Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle ('Boeing X-45A UCAV')

13. Air-to-ground weapon systems (SEARCH / QUICK FIND)

AGM-45 - Air-to-surface antiradiation missile ('Shrike')
AGM-65 - Air-to-surface guided missile ('Maverick')
AGM-84D - Air-to-surface anti-ship missile ('Harpoon')
AGM-86B - Air-to-ground strategic cruise missile (nuclear)
AGM-86C - Air-to-ground strategic cruise missile (conventional)
AGM-88 - Air-to-surface high-speed anti-radiation missile (HARM)
AGM-114 - Air-to-surface anti-armor missile ('Hellfire')
AGM-119 - Air-to-surface anti-ship missile ('Penguin')
Subsonic, turbofan-powered, air-launched cruise missile
AGM-130 - Air-to-surface guided and powered bomb
AGM-142 - Air-to-surface medium range conventional stand off missile ('Raptor')
AGM-154A - Joint Standoff Weapon (JSOW)
AGM-158 - Joint Air to Surface Standoff Missile (JASSM)
BLU-82 - Air-to-surface special purpose bomb ('Daisy Cutter')
BLU-118 - Thermobaric weapons warhead
CALCM - Conventional Air-Launched Cruise Missile ('AGM-86C')
CBU-87 - Air-to-surface cluster weapons system ('Combined Effects Munitions - CEM')
CBU-89 - Air-to-surface cluster weapons system ('Gator Mine')
Global Positioning System Aided Munition ('GBU-36 / GBU-37')
GBU-10 - Air-to-surface guided glide bomb ('Paveway II')
GBU-12 - Air-to-surface guided glide bomb ('Paveway II')
GBU-15 - Air-to-surface guided glide bomb
GBU-16 - Air-to-surface guided glide bomb ('Paveway II')
GBU-24 - Air-to-surface Low Level Laser Guided Bomb (LLLGB) - ('Paveway III')
GBU-27 - Air-to-surface laser guided bomb unit ('Have Void')
GBU-28 - Air-to-surface guided bomb unit ('Bunker Buster')
GBU-31 - Guided air-to-surface weapon (JDAM)
GBU-32 - Guided air-to-surface weapon (JDAM)
GBU-35 - Guided air-to-surface weapon (JDAM)
Guided air-to-surface weapon ('Global Positioning System Aided Munition - GAM')
Guided air-to-surface weapon ('Global Positioning System Aided Munition - GAM')
Guided air-to-surface weapon, Small Diameter Bomb ('SDB')
GBU-43 - Guided air-to-surface weapon ('MOAB - Massive Ordnance Air Blast')
HARM - High-speed Anti-Radiation Missile (AGM-88)
JASSM - Joint Air to Surface Standoff Missile (AGM-158)
JDAM - Joint Direct Attack Munition (GBU-31/32/35)
JSOW - Joint Standoff Weapon ('AGM-154A')
LLLGB - Air-to-surface low level laser guided bomb ('Paveway III') - (GBU-24)
MOAB - Guided air-to-surface weapon ('Massive Ordnance Air Blast') (GBU-43)
RIM-116A - Anti-ship weapon system (Rolling Airframe Missile - RAM)
Small Diameter Bomb (Guided air-to-surface weapon, GBU-39B)

14. Air-to-air weapon systems (SEARCH / QUICK FIND)

ABL - Airborne Laser
AIM-7 - Air-to-air radar guided missile ('Sparrow')
AIM-9 - Supersonic, heat-seeking, air-to-air missile ('Sidewinder')
AIM-54 - Long-range air-to-air missile ('Phoenix')
AIM-120 - Advanced medium-range air-to-air tactical missile - AMRAAM
AIM-132 - Advanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missile ('ASRAAM')
AMRAAM - Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile (AIM-120)
ASRAAM - Advanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missile ('AIM-132')
RIM-7M - Highly maneuverable air-to-air missile ('Sea Sparrow')
Boeing 747-400F (see: YAL-1A)
YAL-1A - Airborne Laser Aircraft

15. Surface weapon systems, Surface-to-air missiles (SEARCH / QUICK FIND)

ASROC VLA - Surface launched missile, Anti-submarine warfare weapon
BGM-109 - Submarine/ship-launched land-attack cruise missile ('TOMAHAWK')
HAWK - Surface-to-air missile system
LG-118 - Intercontinental ballistic missile ('Peacekeeper')
LGM-30 - Intercontinental ballistic missile ('Minuteman')
LGM-30G - Intercontinental ballistic missile ('Minuteman III')
SLAM-ER - Stand-off Land Attack Missile - Expanded Response
SLAP - Saboted Light Armor Penetrator Ammunition
SMAW - Shoulder-Launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon
TOMAHAWK - Long range, subsonic cruise missile ('BGM-109')
TOW - Tube Launched, Optically Tracked, Wire Guided Missile Weapon System
TRIDENT - Intercontinental ballistic missile

16. Multi-purpose ships (SEARCH / QUICK FIND)

CV - Multi-purpose Aircraft Carrier
CVN - Multi-purpose Aircraft Carrier (Nuclear propulsion)
LHA - Amphibious assault ship; Landing ship Helicopter Assault/Attack
LHD - Amphibious assault ship; Landing ship Helicopter Dock

17. Ground vehicles (SEARCH / QUICK FIND)

HMMWV - High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle
LCAC - Landing Craft, Air Cushioned
LCM - Landing Craft, Mechanized
LCU - Landing Craft, Utility

18. NASA aircraft and systems (SEARCH / QUICK FIND)

AAW - Active Aeroelastic Wing (Flight Research Program)
B-52B - Launch aircraft ('Mothership')
F-15 - Flight research aircraft
F-16XL - Laminar Flow Research Aircraft
F-18 - Research support aircraft ('Chase aircraft')
F-18 HARV - High Angle-of-Attack (Alpha) Research Vehicle
HARV - High Angle-of-Attack (Alpha) Research Vehicle ('F-18')
Boeing 747-100 / 747-100SR (see: SCA)
SCA - Shuttle Carrier Aircraft
SCRAMJET - Supersonic combustion ramjet ('X-43A')
SR-71 - High-speed, high-altitude aeronautical research aircraft ('Blackbird') [pictures]
X-31 - Enhanced Fighter Maneuverability Demonstrator
X-43A - Supersonic combustion ramjet ('ScramJet')

19. Space systems (SEARCH / QUICK FIND)

ATLAS II - Space Launch Vehicle
DELTA II - Space Launch Vehicle
DMSP - Defense Meteorological Satellite Program
DSCS - Defense Satellite Communications Systems
DSP - Defense Support Program
EELV - Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle
EWRSLEP - Early Warning Radar Service Life Extension Program
GEODSS - Ground-Based Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance
MILSTAR - Military Strategic and Tactical Relay System
MSCS - MILSTAR Satellite Communications System
NAVSTAR - Navigation Satellite Timing and Ranging
NAVSTAR GPS - NAVSTAR Global Positioning System
PAVE PAWS - Precision Acquisition Vehicle Entry Phased Array Warning System
TITAN IV - Heavy-Lift Space Launch Vehicle

20. Other systems (SEARCH / QUICK FIND)

AHAS - Avian Hazard Advisory System
BAM - Bird Avoidance Model
BASH - Bird/Wildlife Aircraft Strike Hazard
CSEL - Combat Survivor Evader Locator
JHMCS - Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System
JTRS - Joint Tactical Radio System
LANTIRN - Low-Altitude Navigation and Targeting Infrared for Night
LDRPS - Living Disaster Recovery Plan System ( by (C) Strohl Systems Group, Inc )
LITENING II - Precision Targeting Pod System
MAFFS - Modular Airborne Fire Fighting System
SPIRES - Special Packaging Instructions Retrieval and Exchange System
TARS - Tethered Aerostat Radar System
TMDE - Test, Measurement and Diagnostics Equipment
TMPODS - Technical Manual Publish-On-Demand System
USAHAS - United States Avian Hazard Advisory System
USBAM - United States Air Force Bird Avoidance Model

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